Finance Committee


It is the responsibility of the Finance Committee to independently examine and analyze the Town's financial affairs, including proposed budgets, the Capital Improvements Plan, and all other proposals which would have a financial impact; and to inform the citizens of the Town of its findings and recommendations.

The Finance Committee, appointed by the Town Moderator, shall consist of nine members and two associate members appointed for three-year overlapping terms, arranged so that the terms of at least three members shall expire at the end of the 15th day of the fiscal year, provided that no more than one associate member's term expires in any given year. Any person duly appointed to the Finance Committee shall take up the duties of the office upon the 16th day of the fiscal year, provided that such person shall have been sworn to the faithful performance of said person's duties by the Town Clerk.

No member of the Finance Committee shall hold any other elected or appointed Town office.


NameTitleTerm Expires
Nicholas AthanassiouChairJuly 15, 2025
Christopher KanagaVice ChairJuly 15, 2024
Elaine BairdClerkJuly 15, 2024
Constance KremerMemberJuly 15, 2026
Edmund MahoneyMemberJuly 15, 2025
Peter O'MearaMemberJuly 15, 2024
Tony PearlMemberJuly 15, 2026
Lynn BruneauChair EmeritaJuly 15, 2026
David AbelMemberJuly 15, 2025
Richard MessinaAssociate MemberJuly 15, 2024
Meff RunyonSelect Board Liaison