Pesticide Home Rule Petition 2023

The Select Board voted unanimously on June 15, 2022 to take action in protecting our waters, environment, wildlife and people by addressing the serious negative impacts of Fertilizer and Pesticides. We decide to work on Fertilizer first in 2022 and then Pesticides in 2023.

We thank you for your support of the Home Rule Petition of Prohibiting the Application of Fertilizer at Fall 2022 Town Meeting which is now a Bill H874 at the State Legislature pending approval.

We now ask you to join the Board in support of a second HR petition to “Reduce the Use of Pesticides in the Town of Orleans.” 

The Petition’s purpose is to “reduce toxic pesticide use in and on public and private property in the Town of Orleans in order to promote a healthy environment and to protect the public from the hazards of pesticides and for implementation of sustainable land and building management practices on all public and private property.”

Please join us, so that together we can make a significant impact in protecting the health of our residents, environment, and economy.

Orleans Pesticide Reduction HRP Handout 7-10-23